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03:23 video


This is the story of a man who destroyed mankind. The man who played a crucial role in shifting humanity toward the final catastrophe - but managed to flee into the mysterious outer limits beyond time and space, life and death.

This journey starts off with the world’s end and takes a turn into twisted realms of ancient cults, forgotten cultures and revelatory subconscious experiences.

This is the story of our Past and Future colliding into one man’s spiritual rebirth. A parable with an unimaginable finale.


released November 30, 2015

Music and lyrics by Sunless Rise.

Kirill Ershov – Vocals
Alex Becker – Guitars
Sergey Shulzhenko – Keyboards
Evgeniy Kasitsyn – Bass
Alexey Mallovsky – Drums

Recorded at Sound Way Record Studios.
Mixed and mastered at Anthropocide Studios.


Pasha Mrachek - help, ideas.
Alexander Cherepanov - vocals production, editing audio tracks.
Ilya Fatal (Fatal FE Studios) - electronic sounds and FX production.
Nadezhda Kopchina - art direction, design, graphics.
Dmitry Tarasenko - photography.

Ekaterina Shulzhenko, Daria Uzhentseva, Vadim Wayland, Dmitry Rachkovich, Alex Karpets, Ekaterina Pehova.

Very special thanks:
Pavel Bubnov, Daniel Leipold, Kumiko Sekine, Matthew Hutzell, our friends and fans all over the world and YOU.



all rights reserved


Sunless Rise Saint Petersburg, Russia

Forging Melodic Tech/Death Metal that shines on every cut since 2006.

Follow us - and we'll take you to Imaginary Siberia.

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Track Name: Nothing To Save

Verse 1

I'm looking for exit,

I’m trying to escape 

Escape from this world,

Escape from myself

I have no sense

In my damn life

Chorus 1

Nothing to save

All I have lost,

That I’ve thought little of,

I’m a cause

All I destroyed 

No more hugs,

No more words.

Verse 2

I had sense less values

I was blind fool

Was eager to have money

And richness adored

Though tI was mightful

Did not prevent mishap

Chorus 2

My creed’s destroyed,

Life lost it’s scense

Colours began to fade

What should I live for?

I want to forget all,

And hide disappear



Suddenly snow,

Piercing wind, and snow-storm

I don’t see my way,

Do not know where I am

I feel a something

Is going to occur

I can’t go back

I entered strange world
Track Name: Ghosts Of The Past

Verse 1

Spot of light in deepest woods

Brought me hope

I walk there struggling

Piercing wind and snow

Chill chained my body and my soul

I fell and rose through pain.

There is no way back, nothing to lose.

I trod my way long

Then saw trees felling back

Enlightened something

Cleared darkness

I’m stunned hypnotized

I touched the light

My mind was caught

By images of past

I curdled terrified.

Chorus 1 (Dist.)

Ghosts of the past

Encircled me,

Events and acts of my disgust

I’ve tried to forget.

I can’t confide it

I can’t accept!

Verse 2

Light slid away

I was suppressed

Horror and fear chained me

Woods closed down

I felt restrained

Memories agonized

I can't stand it!

No way! No more!

I paced for my way out

But cut my hands to blood

This woods turned into curse

I rushed, the panic burst

There's no escape!

I don't know why!

Chorus 2 (Dist.):

Ghosts of past,

Black figures of my sins

I slaughtered them

From memory.

Nothing to change!

I'd better die!


I feel I’m going insane

It's punishment for all I've done

I'm in hell, It's time to pay!

Chorus 1 (Clean)

At a breaking point

When I can't go on

Exhausting oneself

And feeling distressed

Look back,

You'll find no sense

It's time to take chance

And change all the life

There's nothing left.


Verse 3

Silence came

Ghosts gone away

I felt desolate and hollowed

My life just vanished

I tried to find my minds

I couldn't get It's real.

It must be a trial

Choosing your living path

Remember other's life

I am to blame myself alone

Unknown power attracts

It is snow of my past

It is woods of my soul


I feel I’m going insane

It's punishment for all I've done

I'm in hell, It's time to pay!

Chorus 2 (Clean)

At a breaking point

When I can't go on

Exhausting oneself

And feeling distressed

Look back,

You'll find no sense

It's time to take chance

And change all the life

There's no other way


Curse woods fell back

Fading blaze I saw

I sensed the glowing hope

Forced myself to rise

I waded snow too deep

I threw off my disguise

I feel my soul still lives
Track Name: Awakening

Verse 1a

At the end of dense forest

I see a snowy gloomy plain

With hill beyond. I want to get that hill.

I stick in snow, sharp pain I feel.

And freezing blood runs in my body,

I’m chilled to bones by deadly frost,

I hear voices everywhere 

Recalling me what I have done.

Verse 1b

How can I find exit from this icy hell,

Severe chill wrapped up my body.

If I don’t hide in any place 

I’ll kick the bucket anyway.

Verse 2

Having reached that hill

I see mysterious hut,

I feel excited, I am directed there,

And having reached that shelter

I pull the heavy wooden door.

I enter into old pitch-darkness.

Somewhere in the heart of hut

I see white-headed elder

Chorus 1


I see shadows of the past


I’ll be able to change what I’ve done,

I was blind and now I pay for mistakes.

What for

Why I’ve come here, in that strange place?

Who says

If it’s the place where I’ll get answers

And put in order my roving thoughts.

Verse 3

The elder fixes eyes on me,

We tacitly look at each other.

He says: “You are from dirty world,

From world of frauds, from world of falsehood.

Illusions govern people’s lives

And hide the truth from their minds.

You all are slaves of damn illusions,

You don’t have chance to see the light.

Verse 4

You drift through life along the way

That leads you to deadlock one day,

You fill the Earth with useless trash

Turning fast human potential to ash.

You make machines instead of working,

Instead of mastering your skills.

And you yourself, you wanted to get answers

That’s why here you came”.

Chorus 2


During one’s living


Surrounds people.

Only after waking one can start true living.

Don’t doubt!

We hear from everywhere.


It cannot last forever,

Changes come from oneself.


Don’t be afraid of frost,

Accept it and it’ll give you power to self-development.

Nature cannot do any harm,

it’ll help you to open your hidden ability.


Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Track Name: Lost Path

Verse 1a

I haven’t fought against the chill,

I have accept frost, I’ve got its power,

A lot of thoughts, evoked by elder,

Are crowding in my head

Verse 1b

How could people loose their way

Abyss is the only issue

Pre-chorus 1

don’t want to bear with it,

How could I live this way,

People are parts of internal machine

People should come to themselves

While they still have time 

Chorus 1

What do we come in this world for?

For leading a meaningless fast life?

Are people really created for

Becoming similar to beasts?

Verse 2a

Suddenly I’ve seen a rum lake,

With mysterious bright shine

Coming nearer I’ve seen a vision

Strange alluring World with shining men

Verse 2b

World, full of perfect concord,

Men with infinite skills

Pre-chorus 2

I’ve seen a lot of strangers

Having invaded the fine world

They have sowed the dissension and disbalance

They’ve parted World, enthralled the men

Chorus 2 

Those strangers perverted the truth,

They’ve destroyed pure ideals.

Strangers have held sway over natives,

Concord turned into slavery.


Verse 3a

I’ve seen the World where I came from,

Where men are fuddled with grim lie,

Illusion of liberty has dazzled them

And hidden gist of slavery.

Verse 3b

World, full of broken lots,

Men with bounded senses.

Pre-chorus 3

All of a sudden I’ve seen myself among these zombies,

I’ve been a tool in these priests’ hands,

I’ve made an arm that ruined my life.

Chorus 3

The sights have vanished in the gloom of lake,

They’ve left just grayish ice.

I’ve realized how world became enslaved

And how the truth sank into lie.


It’s time to open eyes and look at the truth,

Admit reality.

It’s time to understand one’s sense of life

And live in concord with oneself.
Track Name: Eidolon

Verse 1a

I slipped through endless forest

And saw a fenced around town

A lot of ruins under snow

And far and wide enigmatic ghosts

Appeared at onceand vanished

And whisper reached my ears

Verse 1b

I entered the square with ice round pond.

And in the center I saw small font .

Whispering voices merged into phrase:

«Sink here, sink» and I obeyed.

Verse 1c 

Sinking with head I came up in town –

Town which came to life again:

decrepit ruins turned a beautiful buildings 

with an incredibly complex design

Pre-chorus 1

People wearing white cassocks walked

I tried to accost but was unseen

They Learnt Universe, did spiritual practices.


At the end of the World

among passless woods

There's the unseen sourсe of forgotten truth

Which you can reach only having pure heart 

And entering here you open your eyes at once

Post-chorus 1

Ancient town’s town where enlightened live.

It’s like a window into the deep past.

Ancient town’s town of those who found

Harmony and universal truth.

Verse 2a

Force of thoughts is the means of talking,

Voice is used only for spiritual needs –

With help of throat singing

They can move heavy things

And rule elements of nature,

Dominate other creatures’ wits.

Verse 2b

Main road spiral leads me to the central square

Where lots of people formed a circle.

In the heart of the town they all are in a trance

Around gigantic occult stone with three holes

Verse 2c

Here they get in touch with other worlds.

Pagan priest puts amulets into these holes

And the model of the Universe appears at once

With all endless galaxies.

Pre-chorus 2

He moves his arms round this image

Immersing into exact place

Until he sees those

Whom he wants to talk with.


Post-chorus 2

Ancient town’s town where enlightened live.

It’s like a window into the deep past.

Ancient town’s town of those who found

Harmony and universal truth.

Ancient town’s town where enlightened live.

It's like a window into the deep past.

Ancient town’s town like a model

Of an ideal world to Stay forever at

(Ancient town’s town like a window into the deep past.

Ancient town’s model of ideal world to stay forever at)


Verse 3a

Once again watching this connection

I saw him nearing to solar system,

He searched the Earth, that very town

Lost somewhere deep in Siberia.

Suddenly there I saw myself

Verse 3b

And He said: «Your way won't be easy –

People lost their spiritual sight:

The highest sense of being is harmony –

You’ll understand the essence of Universe when find it».



At the end of the World
Track Name: Reborn

Verse 1

Escaping from myself

I came to be at abyss:

This struggle that was inside me

Distracted me, teased my soul

Distracted me

I am at

The crossroad of

Life and death

Chorus 1

I didn’t know who I was.

What was my destiny?


Being in the endless stream of senseless problems

The breath of life overpasses

And we don’t see the main things

Verse 2

Other people's desires

Fill our hearts and life passes

Via other people's script.

And only after coming here

I suddenly began to see

Yeah! I was blind fool

The hardest thing is

to fight off own fears

To do the first step

Chorus 2

I woke up after long sleep


Cold air will give me a lot of strength

Wind will show me my path

And I go on the way to know myself

And I'll reach my goal

To know peace, to know harmony
Track Name: Recovering The Truth


I struggled my way

Throughout deep woods

Following North Star.

I stepped on the small path

By fallen trees

And saw glimpse somewhere far

Verse 1

I stumbled on a square.

Archaic cromlech in the middle

Showed me four epochs.

Four ancient temples cornered it

I chose the first one

Named Temple of Serenity

Pre-chorus 1

Dazzled by the radiance

I stepped to sanctuary

Dipped hand into the light

Bright vision appeared before my eyes

Chorus 1

The whole universe

breathes perfect harmony

Spiritual culture prosperity

Gigantic people

attain hundred thousand years

They're of transcendent capacity

And superior intelligence

Unaware of ignorance and sin

Verse 2

It took my breath away

It was ideal perfect realm

I was not ready to fathom

Regained my consciousness

I eagerly stepped to the next

Appeared Temple of Mercy

Pre-chorus 2

I saw obscure glow

And stepped to sanctuary

Dipped hand into the light

There came striking insight

Chorus 2

Humanity has changed

Everything transformed

People still spiritual powerful

But lost the austerity

They live ten thousand years.

It's reign of mercy, purity

and honor that force to sacrifice

To bloody vile rites

Degrade put the trust to fate


Ending 1

Deeply whirling my mind

Many questions dug me up

What was the main reason

Why had regress begun

I entered the third fane

Named Temple of Discord

Struggling Sinister presage

I spread my hand to light

Ending 2

People lapsed

Lost inner innocence

They suffer from diseases

And live no longer thousand years

Have split to castes

They sank into the endless wars

I fear to look

Into next temple
Track Name: The Burnt And The Frozen

Verse 1a

I am shocked

I can't come to myself

Everywhere I see rows

Of burnt down towns,

Burnt down fields and woods.

Mankind crushed the planet:

Devouring peoples,

Killing entire kinds of animals.

Verse 1b

Bloody sights of the past

Are going before my eyes.

I feel I can't stand

All these things.

I've realized that

For last four millennium

The age of death and torture

Has been lasting.

Verse 1c

Civilizations were lost in а moral corruption,

Savages seized them and destroyed the culture,

There was horror all over the land,

Blood flooded both east and west.


Seeing mankind's bloom on the eve

I am at loss to understand

That decay of morals.

Why did people break

Sacred harmony of the Universe

And turned paradise into hell.

Verse 2a

People were hang on cramps-iron,

Trampled under feet of horses,

They built walls from corps,

Furious crowds sated thirst for blood.

Torture instruments all the time

Improved beginning from

Fires, crosses, axes

To electric chairs and gas chambers.

Verse 2b

History's written in bloody ink -

I'm watching it like horror film

I'm probably lost insane.

Our endless envy and greed

Put us on this way:

Last four millennium's been

Age of death and torture.



Suddenly my heart as if has stopped,

I see myself at that fatal moment.

My mistake's triggered monstrous process

And has led to global plague


Verse 3

Toxic chemical agent got to water,

Slick covered all the oceans,

Water stopped to vaporize.

Tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes

Were all over the earth,

They swept aside everything in their path -

The earth cleared itself.

It was saving from death.

Verse 4

There happened great tragedy:

Poles shifted, some continents sank,

Chill locked all the earth.

The Ice Age began.

And in a moment most of people died.

The rest froze to death bit by bit.

The only place the elements spared

Was wild and cold Siberia.
Track Name: The Forgiven

Verse 1a

I can't comprehend how it's happened,

My body stopped filling chill and pain,

My heart was breaking.

But I've never felt myself so alive.

It seems the fog of my mind's faded.

Verse 1b

Somewhere far I saw pagan priest,

I came to him and heard the voice:

"I've been waiting for you, man,

Hovering here, between life and death,

I'll help you end your way.

Verse 2a

"You'll end up in spirit world.

There won't be turning back.

You have fulfilled your destiny.

You were given a chance to purify your soul."

He started strange ritual.


My body began to be shaken.

My arms involuntarily lifted up.

Chorus 1

I left my body and wild animal fear filled me.

I saw a huge blooming tree pulling me to it self

And coming nearer I soared up to its boughs.

Verse 3a

Hundreds of different worlds and creatures

Went through me.

I watched and couldn't believe my eyes.

Calm replaced fear and tiredness.

I lifted upper and upper

Leaving gloom somewhere far,

Meeting warm light.

Verse 3b

At very top I was dazzled by shine

Coming from wonderful creatures

Looking like birds on blooming boughs.

I began speaking and heard their answers.

Chorus 2

Developing mentally people go upper and upper,

Attaining the highest degree

Here they come and make worlds themselves.

We're waiting for you but firstly

Go to very bottom.

Ending (speech)

I flew down passing all levels of the universe

One by one they became darker and darker.

My heart filled with fear again.

Ending a

Fear grasped me at the bottom,

I saw uneasy souls not finding calm.

Suddenly I saw my wife and child

Silently looking in my eyes.

I couldn't bear their look

And my heart was broken.

Ending b

I ran to them pleading for forgiveness

For living all life in vain

And everything I did.

Ending (speech) (girl)

"You aren't guilty, it all was destined.

People always ruined everything.

So that's what we deserve and you ended that up".

Ending (speech) (girl)

You're given a chance to clear and find calm.

Go and fulfill your destiny,

We'll always remember you.
Track Name: Sunless Rise

Verse 1a

Any misfortune you call haphazard,

You do not see real reasons,

You suppose this world big clutter.

Verse 1b

Try for size every bit of passing things,

And you’ll see that everything has cause.

Verse 1c

Everything you do will come back,

To be able to see causal effect

You should put together facts.

Chorus 1

One can develop only on grasping any and all

And at the end of path

I am about to meet

This sunless rise.

Verse 2a

I’ve suddenly caught sight of light

On coming nearer I’ve seen a stream

With water bubbling up despite the chill.

Verse 2b

I couldn’t help desiring to drink

This shining frozen water

I’ve sipped out of my hands

Verse 2c (mod.)

4 Harshly light and might have filled me up.

It seems as if I’ve awoken from sound sleep

As If I’ve never lived before.

Chorus 2

One can develop only on grasping any and all

And at the end of path

I meet this sunless rise

This bright ascent of soul.